Thursday, April 22, 2010


We had fun taking pictures in the yard....

Smile Maddie....

So cute!

Hang in there!
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Grandpa and Grandma's dog died recently. Goodbye Rex, we miss you!
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Makenna's pictures

Makenna took pictures recently, she smiled non-stop. Here are a few.

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Noah's Science fair project

Noah was so proud to win 1st place for the science fair! He made an AM Radio out of an oatmeal box. When the judges asked him about it, he told them how and why it worked, they were very impressed. Great job Noah!
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Makenna in the tub



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Easter fun

Maddie and Makenna show Grandma and Great Grandma all of their treats from the hunt.

Makenna gets extra kisses from Grandpa (Papa)

The girls blow kisses to the camera

It proves to be a long day for Madison.
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Makenna's turn

Makenna had her own egg hunt because she was sleeping for the other one.

She had great fun picking up the eggs.

She also liked looking inside the eggs....candy!

She gets so serious for the camera.
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Easter egg hunt

Noah reached for the high ones.......

Madison didn't want to get just the low ones, so she reached up high too!

They didn't want to stop for single pictures, so I had to take them on the run. They had a blast and found tons of eggs with candy inside!
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Easter Pictures

Before we went to the early service at church we tried to get pictures of the kids. Madison didn't mind posing on her own....

Noah had lots of smiles.........

Makenna was not smiling as a group.........

So Noah sat down by her and got a big smile out of her. Then we were off to church!
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