Saturday, November 21, 2009

Both Madison and Noah created a bear at Build-a-Bear in the Mall of America. Makenna slept through the whole time. It was fun!

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Fun at the Mall Of America

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Rainforest Cafe

We ate at the rainforest cafe, while we were eating there was a thunderstorm. The kids thought it was great fun, so we waited for the next one as well!

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Trip to Underwater Adventures

We had fun at Underwater Adventures, it was Miss Boo's first trip!

Noah in a Beaver Dam, Madison in the treasure chest, and Makenna playing on the little play area.

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Update on Brian

Brian is doing a little better every day.
He is slowly healing
Please continue to pray for him:)
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

WARNING: Graphic pictures.....

Brian's thigh where they took the flap for his heel.
Another look

This was taken Wednesday November 4th 2009. You can see here the flap on his heel. The rest does have a skin graft in it.

Another look

Brian is is good spirits most of the time....Keep praying, it will be a long recovery.

Go Vikes!

We all got dressed in our Vikings wear and cheered them on! They even won! It was a fun afternoon.

Happy Halloween!

Well it has come and gone. This year with so much going on, it didn't feel like Halloween to me. Thanks okay, the kids still had fun. Bear and Bugs even got to go out with Grandpa, Grandma, and their cousins while I stayed back with little miss Boo. We had fun, daddy wished he could have been there too!