Thursday, March 11, 2010

Makenna's night in the hospital

Makenna spent Tuesday night in the hospital. She is doing fine, she was dehydrated with a cold and ear infection. She did take a little time to "call" a few friends. She and I (Mom) didn't get much sleep, but are trying to catch up now.

Noah's basketball tournament

Noah and the other 4th graders were in a basketball tournament this past weekend. They did a great job winning 3 out of 4 fact it was good enough to win 1st in the tournament! They were all so excited, and so were we!

Makenna's oatmeal mess...

Makenna loves to follow our cat Jersey around. Jersey likes to tease Makenna, letting her get right next to her before running.

She had great fun one morning taking the oatmeal out and dumping the whole thing on the floor. I went to sweep it up then thought, I might as well take some pictures and let her entertain herself for awhile. She played with it for at least 25 min, enough time for me to get some work done.