Friday, January 29, 2010

Lutsen 2010

We had another great time at Lutsen this year. Even thought the weather didn't do just what we wanted, now we can say we have been through totally different weather every year we have been there. (First year up to 40, Second year snowy and down to 17 below, now this year rain then snow....leading to an icy drive home) Memories for the years ahead. The children were great, the skiing was great, and the memories are forever. Of course Brian couldn't ski, but Noah, Madison, and I had fun with Ross, Jen, Peter, Alexis, and Peyton. Mom, Tiegen, Makenna, and Brian had fun at the condo...Thanks Mom and Pa for that!
If you want to view more pictures of us at Lutsen, click on the slide show that is to the right. It will get bigger and you can even watch videos!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy first Birthday Makenna!

Boo's First Cake

Makenna loved her first cake! She had a little help from Madison, but for the most part she ate it herself. At one point I thought she may fall asleep right in the cake, but she stayed up long enough to almost finish it.

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The end of the day...

It turns out that a birthday makes a girl pretty tired. That block and a half home from Grandpa and Grandma's proved to be too much for Miss Boo. She fell asleep while still in their driveway. One last Happy First Birthday Makenna!
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